acid safety sign
Code : PH247R
Code : EN4PHR
Code : PH45AR
arrow diagonal
Code : PH48AR
Authorised persons only photolum
Code : PH322R
automatic fire door keep clear
Code : PH56R
Code : EN10PHR
battery acid
Code : PH248R
breathing apparatus
Code : PH241R
call point symbol
Code : PH41R
caution radiation risk
Code : PH249R
caution trip hazard
Code : PH50R
co2 extinguisher
Code : EN6PHR
compressed gases
Code : PH252R
danger battery charging
Code : PH253R
danger electric shock risk
Code : PH52R
danger keep out
Code : PH53R
do not remove panel until isolated
Code : PH48R
dry powder
Code : EN3PHR
ear protection must be worn
Code : PH256R
emergency exit
Code : PH266R
emergency eye wash
Code : PH61AR
emergency shower
Code : PH64R
emergency stop
Code : PH68R
emergency telephone
Code : PH60AR
escape door
Code : PH245R
escape hatch
Code : PH244R
escape ladder
Code : PH314R
escape route
Code : PH301R
escape to sea
Code : PH243R
escape window
Code : PH246R
Code : PH25R
exit arrow diag down right
Code : PH23R
exit arrow diag up left
Code : PH21R
exit arrow down
Code : PH19R
exit arrow down diag left
Code : PH24R
exit for emergency use only
Code : PH267R
exit man arrow right
Code : PH17R
exit running man arrow diag right
Code : PH20R
exit running man arrow up
Code : PH22R
exit running man left
Code : PH18R
exit symbol right
Code : PH9BR
eye protection must be worn
Code : PH255R
fire action
Code : PH26R
fire action notice
Code : PH237R
fire alarm call point
Code : PH31R
fire blanket
Code : EN7PHR
fire door keep locked shut
Code : PH55R
fire door keep shut
Code : PH54R
fire escape keep clear
Code : PH59R
fire exit
Code : PH310R
fire exit arrow diag right
Code : PH4R
fire exit arrow diag up right
Code : PH5R
fire exit arrow diagonal down left
Code : PH7R
fire exit arrow down man wheelchair
Code : PHRG6R
fire exit arrow down running man wheelchair
Code : PHRG10R
fire exit arrow left man wheelchair
Code : PHRG1R
fire exit arrow left running man wheelchair
Code : PHRG7R
fire exit arrow man left
Code : PH2R
fire exit arrow right man wheelchair
Code : PHRG3R
fire exit arrow right running man wheelchair
Code : PHRG9R
fire exit arrow up
Code : PH6R
fire exit arrow up left
Code : PH8R
fire exit arrow up man wheelchair
Code : PHRG2R
fire exit arrow up running man wheelchair
Code : PHRG8R
fire exit flames man
Code : PHHTM10R
fire exit flames man arrow down
Code : PHHTM5R
fire exit flames man arrow left
Code : PHHTM3R
fire exit flames man arrow right
Code : PHHTM1R
fire exit flames man arrow up
Code : PHHTM7R
fire exit keep clear
Code : PH311R
fire exit man arrow right
Code : PH1R
fire exit right
Code : PH9AR
fire exit running man right arrow diag. down
Code : PH305R
fire exit running man right arrow diag. up l
Code : PH309R
fire exit running man right arrow diag. up r
Code : PH306R
fire exit running man right arrow down
Code : PH304R
fire exit running man right arrow up
Code : PH307R
fire exit running man rignt arrow down
Code : PH299R
fire exit running man/arrow left
Code : PH303R
fire exit running man/arrow right
Code : PH302R
fire extinguisher
Code : PH30R
fire extinguisher symbol
Code : PH42R
fire hose reel
Code : EN8PHR
fire phone
Code : PH36R
fire phone symbol
Code : PH44R
fire point
Code : PH37R
first aid
Code : PH69R
guards must be used
Code : PH260R
Code : PH45R
hose reel symbol
Code : PH43R
in case of fire
Code : PH238R
ionizing radiation
Code : PH250R
keep clear exit from emergency escape route
Code : PH265R
keep locked shut
Code : PH57R
mind the step
Code : PH51R
mind your head
Code : PH49R
multi-lingual fire action notice
Code : PH296R
multi-lingual in case of fire
Code : PH297R
no entry
Code : PH47R
no exit
Code : PH46R
no smoking
Code : PH39R
no unauthorised persons
Code : PH40R
no unauthorised photography
Code : PH321S
no unauthorised weapons
Code : PH320S
non ionizing radiation
Code : PH251R
powder m28
Code : EN9PHR
protective clothing must be worn
Code : PH262R
protective equipment must be worn etc
Code : PH263R
protective footwear must be worn
Code : PH258R
protective gloves must be worn
Code : PH257R
pull to open arrow left
Code : PH67R
push bar to open
Code : PH12R
push to open
Code : PH66R
refuge action
Code : PHRG11R
refuge point
Code : PHRG4R
refuge point keep clear
Code : PHRG5R
respirators must be worn
Code : PH261R
restricted area - access for author. pers. o
Code : PH319S
running man symbol
Code : PH9R
safety helmets must be worn etc
Code : PH254R
slide to open left
Code : PH62R
slide to open right
Code : PH63R
smoking area
Code : PH242R
Code : PH65R
this area must be kept clear
Code : PH264R
this door must be kept closed
Code : PH58R
water en3 extinguisher
Code : EN5PHR

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