45 litre wheeled foam fire extinguisher
Code : PH327R
5 litre powder fire extinguisher
Code : PH328R
6kg co2 fire extinguisher
Code : PH325R
9 litre powder fire extinguisher
Code : PH326R
A class division
Code : PH211R
A class fire door
Code : PH145R
A class fire door self closing
Code : PH144R
area protected by co2
Code : PH146R
area protected by halon 1301
Code : PH150R
area sprinkler protected
Code : PH185R
Code : PH333R
b class divison
Code : PH212R
b class fire door
Code : PH168R
B class fire door self closing
Code : PH167R
b-class fire door
Code : PH298R
bell fire alarm
Code : PH143R
bilge pump
Code : PH159R
closing appliance for exterior
Code : PH153R
co2 battery
Code : PH192R
co2 horn
Code : PH147R
co2 release station
Code : PH171R
co2/nitrogen bulk installation
Code : PH187R
control system
Code : PH170R
drenching installation
Code : PH182R
emergency bilge pump
Code : PH158R
emergency fire pump
Code : PH173R
emergency generator
Code : PH175R
emergency switchboard
Code : PH188R
emergency telephone station
Code : PH193R
fire alarm panel
Code : PH224R
fire axe
Code : PH169R
fire control plan
Code : PH140R
fire damper in vent duct
Code : PH149R
fire extinguisher spare charge
Code : PH329R
fire main with fire valve
Code : PH198R
fire plan labels (11 sheets)
Code : FPL1
fire pump
Code : PH174R
fire station
Code : PH165R
flame detector
Code : PH205R
foam installation
Code : PH184R
foam monitor gun
Code : PH183R
foam nozzle
Code : PH154R
foam release station
Code : PH207R
foam valve
Code : PH156R
fuel lubricating oil valves
Code : PH148R
gas detector
Code : PH163R
halon 1301 battery
Code : PH189R
halon 1301 bottles placed in protected area
Code : PH217R
halon horn
Code : PH151R
halon release station
Code : PH218R
heat detector
Code : PH204R
high expansion foam supply
Code : PH152R
hose box with spray set
Code : PH202R
inert gas installation
Code : PH172R
international shore connection
Code : PH220R
locker with breathing apparatus
Code : PH201R
locker with fireman's outfit
Code : PH166R
locker with protective clothing
Code : PH199R
main vertical zone
Code : PH181R
manually operated call point
Code : PH157R
portable fire extinguisher co2
Code : PH132R
portable fire extinguisher halon 1211-4
Code : PH131S
portable fire extinguisher halon-1211-4
Code : PH131R
portable fire extinguisher lw-9
Code : PH130R
portable fire extinguisher p-6
Code : PH129R
portable fire extinguisher p1
Code : PH134R
portable fire extinguisher p2
Code : PH133R
portable foam applicator
Code : PH179R
powder handgun
Code : PH206R
powder hose with handgun
Code : PH203R
powder installation
Code : PH186R
powder release station
Code : PH190R
primary means of escape
Code : PH219R
push button for fire alarm
Code : PH141R
remote control skylights
Code : PH162R
remote controlled fire pump
Code : PH208R
remote ventilation
Code : PH180R
secondary means of escape
Code : PH210R
section valves drenching
Code : PH164R
smoke detector
Code : PH177R
space protected by auto fire alarm
Code : PH221R
space protected by foam
Code : PH155R
space protected drenching
Code : PH209R
sprinker horn
Code : PH222R
sprinkler horn
Code : PH142R
sprinkler installation
Code : PH200R
sprinkler section valve
Code : PH223R
water fog applicator
Code : PH161R
water monitor (gun)
Code : PH191R
wheeled fire extinguisher co2-30
Code : PH128R
wheeled fire extinguisher p-50
Code : PH127R

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