drinking water
Code : SA77R
emergency shower
Code : SA91R
emergency stop (Green)
Code : SA90R
emergency stop (red)
Code : SA117R
fire assembly point
Code : SA76R
fire break glass/ bolt to open
Code : SA67R
fire break glass/reach for latch
Code : SA65R
gas cylinders empty
Code : GC11R
gas cylinders full
Code : GC10R
Gas shut off
Code : GC17S
Gas shut off valve
Code : GC19S
in case of fire break glass
Code : SA64R
in emergency turn to open -left
Code : SA68LR
in emergency turn to open-left
Code : SA68LS
in emergency turn to open-right
Code : SA68RR
material for recycling
Code : SA113R
permitted smoking area
Code : SA86R
Code : SA93R
pull to open
Code : SA85R
Code : SA92R
push bar to open
Code : SA81R
push pad to open
Code : SA92AR
push to open
Code : SA84R
slide to open left
Code : SA78R
slide to open right
Code : SA79R
spill kit located
Code : SA115R
Turn to shut off valve left
Code : GC12R
Turn to shut off valve right
Code : GC21S

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