Brick foamex HOOK
Code : RC21H
Brick foamex WALL
Code : RC21W
Cardboard only foamex HOOK
Code : RC17H
Cardboard only foamex wall
Code : RC17W
General Waste foamex hook
Code : RC18H
General Waste foamex wall
Code : RC18W
Glass Bottles & Jars
Code : RC01S
Glass Only foamex HOOK
Code : RC16H
Glass Only foamex wall
Code : RC16W
Hazard Waste foamex HOOK
Code : RC23H
Hazard Waste WALL
Code : RC23W
Help do your bit!
Code : RC14S
Metal Only foamex HOOK
Code : RC20H
Metal Only foamex wall
Code : RC20W
Mixed Cans
Code : RC05S
Non recyclable waste
Code : RC08S
Paper and Card
Code : RC10R
Plastic bottles and cans
Code : RC07S
Timber Only foamex HOOK
Code : RC22H
Timber Only foamex WALL
Code : RC22W

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