biohazard - authorised personnel only
Code : MU22R
caution fork lift sound horn
Code : MA404S
construction site keep out
Code : MU11R
contains/handle with care
Code : CO8R
danger - corrosive materials use hand protec
Code : MU27R
danger - x-rays do not enter when red light.
Code : MU28R
danger asbestos
Code : MU400S
danger asbestos - permit to work
Code : MU18R
danger biohazard - prot. clothing must be wo
Code : MU23R
danger confined space
Code : MU17R
danger fragile roof/crawling boards
Code : MU3R
danger hazardous are - do not enter
Code : MU21AS
danger hazardous area - do not enter
Code : MU21AR
danger hazardous/correct
Code : CO3R
danger hazardous/data sheets
Code : CO4R
danger hazardous/protective
Code : CO5R
danger keep out
Code : MU2R
danger polluted/swimming prohibited
Code : MU1R
ear protection zone
Code : MU19R
ear protection zone - no entry without ear p
Code : MU19AR
flammable vapour/no smoking
Code : MU8R
flammble vapour/no smoking
Code : MU8S
hazardous area/permit to work
Code : CO10R
highly flammable/no smoking
Code : MU9R
is a potential hazard handle with care
Code : CO7R
keep out - authorised personnel only
Code : MU29R
lpg highly flammable/no smoking
Code : MU6R
no unauthorised entry
Code : CO9R
noise hazard - ear protectors avail. on requ
Code : MU24S
noise hazard - ear protectors available on r
Code : MU24R
parents beware building sites dangerous
Code : MU20R
petroleum mixture/no smoking
Code : MU5R
petroleum spirit no smoking switch off
Code : MU10S
petroleum spirit/no smoking naked light
Code : MU7R
petroleum sprit no smoking switch off/
Code : MU10R
please observe correct etc
Code : CO6R
respirator and overalls
Code : MU402S

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