all food must be covered
Code : HY37R
Clean hands save lives
Code : HY41R
convector oven
Code : HY19R
deep fat fryer
Code : HY2R
dishwashing machines
Code : HY10R
do not store raw
Code : HY15R
food prep area.. protec. clothing.. wash you
Code : HY35R
food preparation area
Code : HY26R
Food preparation area cooked meat
Code : HY49R
Food preparation area raw fish only
Code : HY50R
food preparation area salad and fruit
Code : HY48R
Food preparation area vegetable area
Code : HY52R
food preperation area - cooked food only
Code : HY34R
food preperation area - raw food only
Code : HY33R
for hygiene reasons wash only
Code : HY17R
hair protection must be worn
Code : HY8R
microwave oven
Code : HY1R
mincing/mixing machine
Code : HY11R
no smoking - food preperation area
Code : HY32R
not drinking water
Code : HY24R
now wash your hands
Code : HY12R
personal hygiene rules apply
Code : HY18R
please remove all jewellery
Code : HY4R
please wash your hands
Code : HY22R
potato chipping machine
Code : HY20R
prevent cross contamination
Code : HY36R
slicing machine
Code : HY9R
steaming oven
Code : HY21R
this is a food production
Code : HY23R
this sink is for food washing only
Code : HY30R
this sink is for hand wash only
Code : HY27R
this sink is for pot washing only
Code : HY29R
this sink is for utensil wash only
Code : HY28R
this toilet is inspected at regular interval
Code : HY25R
unfit for human consumption
Code : HY31S
Use Handwash
Code : HY44R
Use Sanitiser
Code : HY40R
wash food equipment only
Code : HY6R
wash hands only
Code : HY5R
wash utensils only
Code : HY7R
waste disposal unit
Code : HY3R

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