any persons found urinating
Code : WA136R
automatic door left
Code : WA215R
automatic door right
Code : WA214R
automatic machinery
Code : WA99R
biological hazard
Code : WA159R
caution - battery charging area
Code : WA252R
caution anti climb paint
Code : WA84BS
caution anti-climb paint
Code : WA84AR
caution arc welding
Code : WA218R
caution cctv in operation
Code : WA110R
caution falling debris
Code : WA119R
caution fork lift trucks
Code : WA58R
caution fork trucks sound horn
Code : WA262R
caution glass door
Code : WA216R
caution hot surface
Code : WA124R
caution laser beam
Code : WA242R
caution maintenance in progress
Code : WA134R
caution moving vehicles
Code : WA265R
caution mud on road
Code : WA221R
caution out of order
Code : WA45R
caution site traffic
Code : WA220R
caution slippery floor
Code : WA40R
caution slippery floor surface
Code : WA39AR
caution trip
Code : WA94R
caution trip hazard
Code : WA83R
caution very hot water
Code : WA123R
caution wet paint
Code : WA135R
Caution. Out of order
Code : WA49R
compressed gas
Code : WA152R
construction site keep out
Code : WA117R
construction traffic beware....
Code : WA256R
Code : WA151R
corrosive symbol
Code : WA91R
customer parking only
Code : WA228S
customer parking only....
Code : WA228R
danger - 230 volts
Code : WA248S
danger - 400 volts
Code : WA250S
danger 110 volts
Code : WA7AR
danger 11000 volts
Code : WA10AR
danger 230 volts
Code : WA244R
danger 240 volts
Code : WA1R
danger 400 volts
Code : WA246R
danger 415 volts
Code : WA9R
danger 440 volts
Code : WA11R
danger acid
Code : WA157R
danger asbestos
Code : WA62R
danger asbestos removal
Code : WA235R
danger automatic machinery
Code : WA108R
danger buried cable
Code : WA32R
danger corrosive
Code : WA75R
danger deep excavations
Code : WA139R
danger deep water
Code : WA240
danger deep water c/w channel
Code : WA240C
danger demolition in progress
Code : WA118R
danger disconnect electrical
Code : WA38R
danger drop below
Code : EC25R
danger electric shock risk
Code : WA13R
danger explosive atmosphere
Code : WA225R
danger fragile roof
Code : WA47R
danger guard dogs
Code : WA89R
danger high noise levels
Code : WA222R
danger high voltage
Code : WA28R
danger isolate main supply
Code : WA27R
danger keep clear unpropped body
Code : WA114R
danger keep out
Code : WA131R
danger live wires
Code : WA15R
danger low temperature
Code : EC31R
danger mains voltage
Code : WA30R
danger men at work
Code : WA122R
danger men working overhead
Code : WA121R
danger moving machinery
Code : WA98R
danger of death
Code : WA237R
danger of death - high voltage
Code : WA238R
danger of death - in the event of an emerg c
Code : WA239R
danger overhead cables
Code : WA115R
danger overhead hazard
Code : WA137R
danger overhead live wires
Code : WA138R
danger pedestrians crossing
Code : WA255R
danger plant crossing
Code : WA229R
danger radiation risk
Code : WA227R
danger razor wire
Code : WA102R
danger risk of falling
Code : EC27R
danger scaffolding incomplete
Code : WA129R
danger solvents
Code : WA156R
dangerous chemicals
Code : WA79R
dangerous substance
Code : WA142R
dangerous when wet
Code : WA147R
electricity symbol
Code : WA17R
exclamation symbol
Code : WA50R
explosive substance
Code : WA153R
flammable gas
Code : WA146R
flammable liquid
Code : WA145R
flammable solids
Code : WA144R
flammable symbol
Code : WA73R
harmful substance
Code : WA140R
hazard marker board rigid
Code : WA75J
hazardous waste
Code : WA217R
highway maintenance
Code : WA75AR
l.p.g highly flammable
Code : WA60R
laser beam
Code : WA158R
lpg highly flammable
Code : WA66R
max headroom
Code : WA75HF
mind the step
Code : WA254R
mind your head
Code : WA253R
mixed hazards
Code : WA143R
motorway maintenance
Code : WA75BR
organic peroxide
Code : WA149R
oxidizing agent
Code : WA150R
Code : WA141R
radiation risk
Code : WA70R
risk of freezing
Code : EC33R
site entrance
Code : WA125R
skull symbol
Code : WA106R
spontaneously combustible
Code : WA148R text
Code : WA122AR
swl........with text
Code : WA122ATR
these premises are alarmed
Code : WA243R
Code : WA154R
toxic gas
Code : WA155R
trespassers will be prosecuted
Code : WA133S
trespassers will be prosecuted .
Code : WA133R
warning anti static devices
Code : WA77R
warning clamped vehicle
Code : WA104R
warning danger 415 volts
Code : WA10R
warning danger isolate main supply
Code : WA24R
warning danger live terminals
Code : WA22R
warning danger live wires
Code : WA21R
warning to public
Code : WA128R
x-rays - do not enter when red light is on
Code : WA241R

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